Year’s End: 14 Tales of Holiday Horror On Sale through March for 99 Cents

Reviewer Alesha L. Escobar said of my story “Appointment in Time,” in Untreed Reads Publishing’s YEAR’S END:  14 TALES OF HOLIDAY HORROR (cf. December 10, November 29, et al.), “I had to go back and read it again because I needed to know why it ended the way it did, and whether or not I could’ve seen the disconcerting ending coming. Even now, the finalImage image remains with me,” comparing it specifically with Shirley Jackson’s classic “The Lottery.”  And you get 13 more stories from Richard Godwin, Nicky Peacock, John Stewart Wynne, Steve Shrott, Leah Givens, George Seaton, Kathryn Ohnaka, Jeremy K. Tyler, Betsy Miller, Byron Barton, Steve Bartholomew, Ali Maloney and Foxglove Lee, as well as an introduction by J. Alan Hartman, all for a list price of $4.99.  How can one beat a deal like that?  

Easily, it turns out — at least until the end of the month.  As part of its third-year anniversary bargain bonanza, Untreed Reads is offering YEAR’S END for only $0.99 — a four dollar discount — but only for March.  To quote Editor Hartman, “New Year’s Eve isn’t all champagne and confetti.  For some, it’s filled with regrets, the changing of the day dragging them kicking and screaming into a year for which they aren’t prepared.  This year, some people will be screaming, but they may not make it to the New Year at all.”  And who could resist that, especially for one cent less than a buck!  To find YEAR’S END: 14 TALES OF HOLIDAY HORROR in a variety of e-formats, including links for Amazon, B&N, Koba, and iBookstore, just press here.     


  1. I just joined the B-town Writer’s Guild and am checking out just what kind of group would have me as a member.

    You certainly seem to be a prolific and well-experienced writer. I suspect I could learn a lot from you.

  2. Glad to meet you Tony! Perhaps we can say Hi at the Writers Guild meeting this Saturday, at 3 pm in the Monroe County Library (downtown B’ton) room 1A. Prior to that, also at the library Saturday at 12:30 the “SCIFI” writers’ critique group I’m in will be meeting on the 2nd floor in room 214 (in the corner just past the Silent Reading Room) if you’d like to drop by then, though the interest there is primarily science fiction, fantasy, and horror, which might not be your genres. Also the Writers Guild’s First Sundays Prose Reading group will meet on April 7 at 3 at Boxcar Books on 6th Street, just a few blocks east of the Library (featured readers followed by an open mike session).

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