Blog Listed on Instigation Showcase; Torn Realities, Calm On Sale at Amazon

A long time ago Mike Arnzen started publishing “Instigations,” horrific variants on the prompts writers sometimes come across to spark story ideas.  I for one, a man of little imagination paired with a recalcitrant muse, have used these often and now,  coincident with the publication of a whole book of them, INSTIGATION:  CREATIVE PROMPTS ON THE DARK SIDE, Mike has added me onto his “Instigation Showcase,” a list of those who’ve used (and admitted to it) them in the past and have had the resulting stories published.  In my case, I can’t even remember which, and how many, except for one favorite, “Girls Gone Dead” which was published in Post Mortem Press’s NEW DAWN FADES (cf. November 8 and 23, September 8 2011), an anthology of zombie stories with . . . a difference.  More on NEW DAWN FADES can be found by pressing here, while to see the Instigation Showcase for yourself press here (then scroll down a bit, my name/link is at the bottom of the list, at least for now) and while you’re at it, if you’re like me and can use any idea-generating help you can find, you can click on the “Instigation:  Creative Prompts on the Dark Side” title in the paragraph at the top for info on the book itself.

Then, speaking of Post Mortem Press in a perhaps more Lovecraftian vein, today’s email included an announcement from Editor Paul Anderson that TORN REALITIES (see September 8, July 19 2012, et al.), this one with my story “The Calm” in the lineup, is again being offered at a 15 percent discount on Amazon.  Other bargains might be found there too — to check for yourself press here.


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