Universe Horribilis Officially Out; Anniversary Sale at Untreed Reads

It’s official now.  UNIVERSE HORRIBILIS (cf. February 26, et al.), “a new anthology of science fiction short stories by an international group of award-winning and emerging writers, who offer their speculative takes on the theme of a hostile or uncaring universe,” is officially available in multiple e-book formats, including Epub (for iPad/iBooks, Nook, Sony Reader, Kobo), .mobi Image(Kindle), HTML, PDF, plain text, RTF, and Palm, according to publisher Third Flatiron Publishing.  “Follow [the authors] as they each offer their unique takes on the twists and turns the universe puts us through:  monsters and mayhem, evil sorcerers, sadistic diners, twisted princesses, plagues, alien enemies, cosmic menace, sinister robots, genetically modified food, and, of course, your mother-in-law.”  One might add, too, at least in terms of my story, “The Reading,” the saga of a literary society’s poetry evening gone horribly wrong:  Cthulhu.  But I’ve only read the first four entries so far in my author’s copy, so who knows what new disasters may still lurk?

For more information and possible ordering, check out Third Flatiron’s site right here.

Also, Untreed Reads Publishing has announced a special sale to celebrate its initial title’s coming out in March 2010.  Leather would be the traditional gift if it were a wedding, but for this third anniversary gala Untreed  Reads is offering thirty percent off all its titles, including those by me:  VANITAS (steampunk musical mystery), I’M DREAMING OF A. . . . (Christmastide environmental carnage), PEDS (near-future dystopian sf), and the opening entry in YEAR’S END:  14 TALES OF HOLIDAY HORROR.  For more information and/or ordering, click either of the first three titles where they appear in the near-right column or check out the Untreed Reads Store page and enter “Dorr” in the Search box at the upper left.  (One word of warning:  if you click “Author” under “Categories” instead, and then my name [alphabetized under  “James”], you won’t find the YEAR’S END anthology listed, just my three solo titles.)  To the best of my knowledge, this sale should be on till the end of March, but check the Untreed Reads site to be sure — as well as for additional sales that might be offered during the month for specific titles or categories.


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