Universe Horribilis, “Reading” Available at Smashwords, Elsewhere

So is it UNIVERSE HORRIBILUS (see February 7, with its illustration of the cover) or UNIVERSE HORRIBILIS (see January 5)?  Actually the latter as its appearance on Smashwords bears out, with new cover picture to prove the point, but either way (to quote from Smashwords) “[t]he new science fiction, fantasy, and horror short story collection, ‘Universe Horribilis’ from Third Flatiron Anthologies, takes you on a whirlwind tour of cosmic irony.  Hope for the best, plan for the worst, and . . . prepare to be crushed by the semi full of cows skidding your way.”

As it happens I wrote a story once about a truck full of cow parts, on its way to a rendering plant (see re. “Stink Man,” September 12, July 2 and 18), but that’s not this one.  My pup in this pack is called “The Reading” and is about the finer things in life, poetry and . . . well, one does get nervous before an audience, especially if what one reads is horror poetry.  But see for yourself via Smashwords by pressing here, with an additional expectation by Editor Juliana Rew for “Smashwords to distribute the book to Barnes and Noble, Sony, and iTunes soon,” though with the caveat that “Barnes and Noble seem to be the slowest, often taking six weeks.”  Also, for Kindle, the book can be found now on Amazon while, officially, it will be announced on March 1 on publisher Third Flatiron’s own website.


  1. Wonderful & yet “horrible” news, Jim! Congrats!

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