Another Look at Vampiric Art on Vampire Week, Day Five; Non-Vampire “Artist” Accepted for Splatterlands

Here is a painting that is very different from those we visited on Vampire Week’s opening day — and it may not even really be of a vampire.  Edvard Munch (painter of, among other things, “The Scream”) originally titled it “Love and Pain” but now it’s usually called “The Vampire.”  Completed in 1894, it can be seen for yourself by scrolling down to June 25 2012 or, better, using the key phrase “Edvard Munch” in the search box (then click on the headline “Just Because It’s Cool. . . .”), at which point you can make up your own mind whether the red-headed lady is a vampire or not.  But either way, she’s not to be confused with the subject of  a different picture called “The Vampire” that wasn’t painted until 1897.

On a non-related topic, “The Splatterpunk Revolution is alive and well at Grey Matter Press.”  So began the call for submissions for the upcoming anthology tentatively titled SPLATTERLANDS.  “If you consider your work to be ‘hyperintensive horror without limitation,’ then ‘Splatterlands’ may be for you.  If you were weaned on fiction from the masters of Splatter, such as Clive Barker, Poppy Z. Brite, Robert McCammon and more, we definitely want to hear from you.”  So, natch, one day before deadline I (who was probably more properly weaned on Poe and Bradbury, but who does appreciate Barker and Brite) sent off what I would consider a blue-collar, non-supernatural thriller, but with its share of the bloody bits too, “The Artist,” about a man who sculpts in meat.  No, no, hamburger usually, but. . . .

But anyway the word came Friday:  it’s been accepted!

  1. I love poems and stories about artists. But a hamburger artist? LOL!

  2. Hi Marge, thanks! Re. the hamburger artist, let us also not forget Kafka’s “The Hunger Artist.”

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