Naughty or Nice, a Vampire Week Day Three Lagniappe; Universe Horribilus to Publish March First

One thing leads to another.  Yesterday’s post introduced folks to the vampiress Mignonette, in contrast to Monami in VAMPIRE GIRL VS. FRANKENSTEIN GIRL.  But what about Mignonette herself?  For our third day use the key phrase “Reminder:  Naughty or Nice” for December 28 2011 and a link to the story Mignonette stars in from DAILY SCIENCE FICTION.  (A warning, however:  use the second, direct link to the story in the entry, not the one with the DAILY SCIENCE FICTION .url that precedes it.)

Then, moving to a non-vampiric subject, this being a working blog so when “mundane” topics about me and writing and such things come up they must be covered as well, Wednesday’s email brought a missive from Third Flatiron Publishing with the final contents list for their upcoming e-anthology UNIVERSE HORRIBILUS.  I do have a puppy in this pound too, “The Reading” (cf. January 5), the tale of a poet who writes horror poems but gets nervous when he’s called on to read them.  Very nervous.  And, of course, if Cthulhu gets into the act. . . .

Well, the theme is supposed to concern a “hostile universe” and, scheduled to be out in multiple formats on March 1, UNIVERSE HORRIBILUS will contain these fourteen stories:

Quarantine, Edward H. Parks
Concerning That Whole God Thing, Curtis James McConnell
Master Donne, Robin Wyatt Dunn
The Reading, James S. DorrImage
Kernels of Hope, Sarina Dorie
Freedom As Commodity, Marilyn K. Martin
Not Enough Hairspray, Siobhan Gallagher
Whimper, Jennifer R. Povey
…If You Were the Last Man on Earth, Sheryl Normandeau
Sannakji, Jack M. Horne
The Labyrinth of Space, James Zorn
The Eleanor Effect, Rich Larson
Princess Thirty-Nine, Clare L. Deming
The Prison Rose, David Luntz

And don’t forget, in the meantime just use the key phrase above, “Reminder:  Naughty or Nice,” for a story set in the possibly only slightly more benign confines of Paris, in which a vampire . . . well, read the story to find out what she’s done.


  1. I loved this little story and I think it should garner an award of some kind!

  2. Ah, poor Mignonette, with a December 2011 publication I fear her award eligibility has run out. (But then her *real* age is more than she admits to anyway, eh?)

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