Going to the Movies on Vampire Week, Day Two

“It starts off calmly enough . . . with an explanation that another Japanese teen custom is for a girl to give the boy she fancies a piece of chocolate on Valentine’s Day, which he will then eat to show reciprocation.  But when quiet transfer student Monami (who, harking back to the pre-title sequence, we seem to have met before), the only one with chocolate left after a zealous teacher has confiscated all the other girls’ candy, offers hers to clueless male heartthrob Mizushima, Mizushima finds that the candy is filled with blood and yet strangely delicious.”

As readers may have noted yesterday, use of a key word or phrase brings one usually several headlines and opening sentences (one reason I include the posting’s date along with the key phrase), one of which must be chosen and clicked on even though the entry beneath it may have to do with many things in addition to vampires, such as H. P. Lovecraft’s birthday and a listing of contents for TECHNO-GOTH CTHULHU.  Of course, while you’re there, you’re invited to peruse these topics as well, and perhaps to explore the postings for other dates sometimes referred to.  Today’s post, however — actually two posts, the later of which may deviate a little — is pretty exclusively concerned with its vampire subject, introduced to us in the paragraph above, the Japanese film and winner of the Audience Award  at the 2009 NY Asian Film Festival, VAMPIRE GIRL VS. FRANKENSTEIN GIRL.  As Amazon’s Product Description puts it, “the terrifying story of two classic monsters re-imagined as super-hot — and extremely lethal — Japanese school girls.”  And, not to mention (note those three dots in that first paragraph above), drenched in gore.

Amazingly funny, yes; gory, yes; as my review posted October 28 2012 hopefully points out, yet strangely a good film as well, due in part to the skill of actress Yukie Kawamura who plays the vampire girl Monami.  Yet as a second posting points out, comparing Monami with the vampiress Mignonette in a story I had in DAILY SCIENCE FICTION, the part is written with some depth of characterization even if against a cartoonish background, and it is the character that sells the story, at least as I see it.  So for Day Two you get two for one, the movie review and, dated October 29 2012, the essay on character, both by typing in the single key word “Monami.”

Then one other note, the October 29 essay is followed by a change of topic to poetry I’d recently sold, one of the poems about a vampire too, and with a reference to my vampiric poetry collection from 2011, VAMPS (A RETROSPECTIVE), pictured also at the top of the center column.  More information on VAMPS can be found by clicking its picture (at which point you may have to scroll up or down a bit if you don’t see the title right away — what it takes you to is an alphabetized list), or, if you prefer, some of which may also be revealed here in future entries.


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