Vampire Week (Sort of) Begins Today — Day Number One

Well, actually “Vampire Week” ends February 14, Valentine’s Day, so it’ll be a longer than usual week, but it could be fun.  Author, editor, article writer, and blogger Jolie du Pre has invited fellow bloggers to join the Vampire Bite Blog Hop.  But one word of warning:  Jolie is herself an erotica writer among other things so those under 18, or who otherwise find links that might contain erotica troublesome, might want to give the blog hop a pass.  Not this blog, mind you — or at least not too much so.  I’m just an honest if sometimes tasteless horror/dark fantasy/sf/mystery writer and poet type but anyway I think it might be fun.

The deal is, I think, that a number of us will display the “badge,” the square at the bottom of the far right column with the lady’s picture in her nightie saying  “Vampire Bite Blog Hop 2/14/2013” which, if clicked on, and I’ve done it right, will lead to Jolie’s own site.  This will describe the “rules” and end with a live list of participating blogs (I believe this one that you’re reading now is #42), all of which promise to have some content concerning vampires in time for display on February 14.  But then something else occurred to me too.

I am, as said, an honest, etc., writer who runs this blog to tell folks how I’m doing, what  sales I’ve made, what I have coming out, the usual pimpage, you know, but will also add the occasional sample story or poem — these often are referred to as “lagniappes” and may sometimes be links to a different site, a movie review, a report of readings or other activities, conventions, interviews, sometimes just a picture that caught my eye . . . the thing is, over the couple of years this site has been going, I’ve had lots of posts concerning vampires.  And so here’s the challenge to myself, that I will try to offer a direction to some past entry every day, in form of a short description and a key phrase to type in the “search here” space at the upper right.  Sort of a treasure hunt, as it were — you then press the “Go” button and see where it takes you.

In all, starting now, there should be ten posts up through Valentine’s day, beginning with some art today, two turn-of-the-Nineteenth-Century French depictions of vampires, the first of which can be reached by just scrolling down to February 3 — or, if you prefer, use the key phrase “Gabriel Ferrier” in the search here box (omit the quotation marks though).  And then for the second, originally posted on August 20 2012, the key phrase is “Albert-Joseph” (note the hyphen).  Also, as you find these, don’t hesitate to read any comments that may appear with them, then please feel free to come back here and add any comments you have of your own.

I might add, recalling the note on erotica above, that today’s two paintings are about as racy as things will get here.  Neither of these is the lady in the nightie however (to whet your appetite, her name is Mrs. Patrick Campbell), but if folks are patient there’ll be more information about her in future entries.


  1. Hello James! Thanks for joining the Vampire Bite Blog Hop. Participants need only post about vampires on February 14, the day of the hop, However, it’s cool that you’re posting about vampires

  2. Hello James! Thanks for joining the Vampire Bite Blog Hop. Participants need only post about vampires on February 14, the day of the hop. However, it’s cool that you’re posting about vampires all week! (It appears my first comment got cut off.)

  3. Jolie, thanks — I know how it is about comments getting cut off too! Tonight’s post (that is, for tomorrow) will have to do, I think, with a movie. (And probably not the one anyone would guess!)

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