Just ‘Cause It’s Kind of Cool


MOONLIT DREAMS, courtesy of Vampiros y Creencias via Facebook, painted 1874 by French artist Gabriel Ferrier (1847-1914), noted primarily for his portraiture.

  1. One thing I like is the line of bats toward the bottom background swarming behind the main figure(s), possibly each with its own souvenir from the city at the bottom. In fact I had to erase the first posting and redo it to get the whole thing in because of Facebook’s habit of truncating pictures on timelines. (Grumble)

    I also like that goofy, completely extraneous star on the woman’s head. (Apparently Ferrier had a habit of occasionally just letting himself go and having fun.)

  2. You know what? I didn’t even see that star –which gives it a sinister “religious/dark angel” message. I love your idea of those bats (or vampyres in change) are returning from a night “on the town” if you excuse a bad pun.

  3. So our Featured Bat has some pure maiden victim in his grasp? Is that it?

  4. I’m not necessarily sure about the maiden (could it be her dream?). The star could be being seen through her veil, and thus through the waning crescent moon behind them, a “star dogged” moon being (I believe) considered superstitiously to be a bad omen. (I think maybe there’s a reference to such a moon in THE RIME OF THE ANCIENT MARINER, but I’m not sure and have to rush off in a moment, so no time to check.) So maybe not completely extraneous after all?

  5. Regardless of interpretatiion, the painting itself is inspirational, and any poet or writer that can’t see that must be having a Bad Hair Day!

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