After Death Release Date Announced

The anthology AFTER DEATH. . . (see November 9) is now scheduled for release in mid-to-late April by Dark Moon Books, according to Editor Eric J. Guignard.  “Who has not considered their own mortality,” the original guidelines asked, “and wondered at what awaits, once our frail human shell expires?  What occurs after the heart stops beating, after the last breath is drawn, after life as we know it terminates?”  Now we may find out in only about three months, or at least have an insight into the thoughts of some 34 authors into this very subject.

And, yes, I’m there too with the story, “Mall Rats,” of three young people who dwell in a shopping mall after something or other happened and somehow or other they never went back home.  Memories are foggy, even from just one day to another — but now they have homes here, one in the basement, another beneath the roof over the false ceiling. . . .

More will be forthcoming as it becomes known.


  1. That’s neat, Jim! Reminds me of one from Dunbar’s MONSTERS & MARTYRS, which is about ghosts who still have very active sex lives and personalities. Good show! Must read! BTW, Guignard has a very good story up for a Bram Stoker award, just thought I’d mention. I’m sure this book is well worth a read, if he edited it — and you have a story in it!!

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