Top Five Editorial Conveniences, or, What The Heck It’s an Acceptance; New Interview Sent to Mystic Nebula

Another funny story.  A couple of days ago I sent something to THE JOURNAL OF COMPRESSED CREATIVE ARTS which is asking this year that those submitting “[p]lease include as part of cover letter a top five list of anything related to writing.”  So, okay, I cobbled up what seemed to me a silly enough list of “The Top Five Editorial Conveniences to Include When Submitting” to fit the bill and off it went with the rest of the stuff.  Then, about a day later (these compressed creative arts types are not the sort to let much grass grow under their editorial feet), a rejection came for my actual submission but, in a separate email, was added “We loved your top five list and would like to publish it on our blog, along with a picture and a link to your website, author’s page, book, or whatever you prefer.”  So, what the heck, an acceptance is an acceptance, no?

I thought so too and sent the things in as requested — no money, but fame, yes? — and was informed Sunday that it will be posted on May 7, using the several-months-before-being-“live” link  So hopefully I’ll remember in May to repeat the link then, but if I shouldn’t, you’ve seen it here first.

Then to continue the eternal quest for fame, I’ve just sent an interview to new electronic magazine MYSTIC NEBULA which had put out a call for submissions, etc., a few weeks ago via the Science Fiction Poetry Association.   If editor Chris Vera likes what I sent and at such time as a date is set for publication, I’ll let folks know here, as well as posting a link when the appropriate time comes.  In the meantime, the first issue is out already with some pretty classy poetry among other things, including their premiere interview with painter/dancer/performer Adelaide Marcus.  The way MYSTIC NEBULA is set up is more like a blog than a magazine proper, where you keep scrolling down from one thing to another which gives it an element of surprise — next may come poetry, or prose, or who knows what?  It’s all rather neat.  To see for yourself (and when the time comes, it’s possibly all the link you’ll need then too), just press here.


  1. I don’t suppose we could beg you to share your five things related to writing? I must have misunderstood, as I had written “Literary discussion”, “Good Reads”, etc. rather than “Write every day” –such as that.

  2. Oh, I don’t know, your examples are probably better than mine in a rational universe. What they liked though, I think, was that mine were nutty (or maybe to be more polite, surreal?) For blogging purposes, I suppose they have “first rights” in a sense but, if I can still remember it in May (well, they’ll probably remind me anyway when it’s live, or so I will hope) I’ll certainly re-post the link then.

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