“First Timers” Two-for-One Sale for Dark Regions Collections, This Weekend Only

If you’ve never bought a book from Dark Regions Press via their website before, they have a deal for you this weekend — and for me too!  Their offer:  “During this weekend, any first-time customer to the DarkRegions.com website can receive a free trade paperback book of their choice with their order by indicating their selection in the Order Comments in the final stage of checkout.  . . .  [The] free trade paperback must be equal or lesser value than purchased title and must be in stock.  Only valid for customers who have never ordered through DarkRegions.com.”  They go on to say that this offer is good only until Monday, Jamuary 21st, so one must buy quickly.  But the thing is, I (ahem) happen to have exactly two books available as trade paprbacks from Dark Regions Press myself — so if you’ve a mind to, here’s your chance to buy my second collection, DARKER LOVES:  TALES OF MYSTERY AND REGRET, at full price and get my first, STRANGE MISTRESSES:  TALES OF WONDER AND ROMANCE, thrown into the deal free.

For more information or to order either collection (DARKER LOVES is the more expensive so, if buying, it’s the one to go to first) you can click on their pictures in the center column just to the right, or go directly to my little section of Dark Regions’s website (and see a not too out-of-date biography of me there to boot) with both books conveniently listed with their prices by just pressing here.

And then of course, pimpage being pimpage, if you should buy them and like what you read, my newest collection, THE TEARS OF ISIS, should be coming out from Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing just a few months from now in May.


  1. “Pimpage”??Merciful heavens, Jim!
    Okay, okay. I’ll grant ye that one. 🙂

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