Print Telling Tales of Terror Received; First Sundays Reading Series Redux

Two short notes.  First the print edition of TELLING TALES OF TERROR:  ESSAYS ON WRITING HORROR & DARK FICTION (cf. December 13, et al.) arrived today from Damnation Books, accompanied by swag in the form of a nifty pen and the fanciest silvery metal bookmark (book bling?) I’ve seen in some time.  The book is, as its title suggests, a series of essays rather than a step by step “how to write” book and therefore aimed perhaps more at the person who knows the bare basics already but wants advice in how to improve his or her writing to bring it up to a professional level.  As such I think it has good information, but then, in the spirit of full disclosure, I do have an ulterior motive:  I’m the writer of the book’s Introduction (find out why it’s not a good idea to kiss the vampire).  For more information, including ordering — it also comes in electronic editions — you can check the Damnation Books site by pressing here.

Then in the entry just below I mentioned being interviewed at yesterday’s  First Sundays Reading Series for the local university student newspaper.  I probably should say that my open mike reading of “Undying Love” was well received by audience members in general, and reporter Jessica Campbell seems to have been no exception.   Her article appeared today in the Arts section of the INDIANA DAILY STUDENT, citing me as “[p]leasing the audience with a little light horror,” and quoting me (as James Dorr, published writer) along with Writers Guild Chairperson Patsy Rahn and event organizer Nancy Chen Long, and in effect giving me with my three-minute reading more attention than even the featured writers Patricia Krahnke, Eric Rensberger, and Frida Westford.

As for why “Undying Love” went over well, remember the post below has a  link to UNTIED SHOELACES OF THE MIND where you can read it for yourself.

Then as one more followup to the event, organizer Long sent an email this morning saying there had been some problems with timing, yesterday’s being after all the series’s maiden outing, which meant they would try cutting the featured readers next month from 20 to 15 minutes each.  This actually works out okay for me, as I emailed her back saying I’d drop the “curtain raiser” I’d planned and for her to just change the announcement on me to cite the main story only (hint:  one from my upcoming THE TEARS OF ISIS — oh, did I already mention that below?  Well, pimpage is pimpage) , but adding a little bit more detail.



  1. Steve, thanks — and congratulations on your recent accomplishments!

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