“First” First Sundays Readings; Another Lagniappe

Saturday’s post alluded to my being scheduled for a short story reading in “about a month.”  This will be at the Bloomington Writers Guild’s (cf. December 9, et al.) new First Sundays Reading Series which had its premiere this afternoon.  And while I do have to wait for February for my “featured” presentation — two to three prose writers are given twenty minute slots each month — the program ended with an open mike session in which non-scheduled writers had three minutes each for whatever they wanted, prose or poetry or anything else.

Today offered a variety of styles, beginning with a scene from a play, followed by a grouping of prose poems, followed by an actual short story.  In my case, next month, I will have two short stories, a flash “curtain raiser” followed by a still relatively short piece which will also be in THE TEARS OF ISIS when it comes out in May.  Yep, advertising the book even includes a local campaign ;-).  For this month, however, I signed up as number six of seven open mike writers, reading a flash story, “Undying Love,” concerning the trials of dating for zombies that originally appeared in issue #1 of the e-zine UNTIED SHOELACES OF THE MIND (for which, in general, see September 10 2011, et al.).

“Undying Love” is listed as humor by UNTIED SHOELACES — dark humor, surely — though as I advised a reporter covering the event for the local college newspaper, my selections for February will be “more harsh.”  But, heck, it’s a new year so let’s at least begin with a smile, eh?

And so, for a lagniappe, an extra small treat (I did say it was flash fiction, didn’t I?), to read “Undying Love” for yourself, just press here.


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