Zombie Buys New Lamp; Dead Girls, Dying Girls Starter for New Year

Payment came yesterday afternoon for “The Christmas Zombie” (cf. December 14, et al.), which I immediately took to the Credit Union and, money in hand (or at least backing up the credit card in wallet), I continued to the mall where I bought a new lamp.  This is a stand-up lamp for the living room, the old one having gotten so decrepit I’m nervous about even leaving it on when I leave the house.  This new lamp though, yet to be set up, is a multi-headed hydra of a lamp, a Medusa-lamp with five snakes in its hair, some of which hopefully will be able to be directed toward sofa or chair for reading things after dark.  But the gratifying thing is that the check I received from Kazka Press was enough to pay for it.

Then came more news, an email from Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing that a story I’d sent them has been accepted for their upcoming anthology SO IT GOES:  A TRIBUTE TO KURT VONNEGUT.  “We want humorous and satirical tales that would do Mr. Vonnegut proud  . . .  a man who pushed his imagination off a cliff and followed it for the whole drop; a man who was able to write the most cynical material, yet make you die of laughter at the same time.”  The story I sent is called “Dead Girls, Dying Girls” and is, I think, a somewhat bizarre satire about a young girl and getting ahead in today’s America, culminating with her off-the-beaten-track attempt to win her school’s Science Fair.

Thus starts 2013 with its first story sale, a story I’m fond of even though its not-quite-in-any-genre subject and approach (well, it must have something to do with science, but it doesn’t exactly read like science fiction) made it a marketing challenge at best, but here it might have hit its most promising target.  The release for SO IT GOES, according to the guidelines, will be scheduled for spring.


  1. Congrats on the acceptance! And that’s great about payment for a story covering a new “medusa” of a lamp–LET THEIR BE LIGHT!

  2. Oops I mean let THERE be light! No place to edit a comment, darnit.

  3. Yes, Facebook is like that too. One only discovers the horrifying typo *after* it’s been unleashed on the world, and then it won’t even let you go back to cover your tracks. 😉 But thanks for the nice words, whatever their homonyms.

    • Yes, FB does have an ‘edit’ tool! You may not have noticed it, but drag your curser over what you wrote –a little “pencil” and the word “edit” comes up. Click on that!

      • Ah, but it doesn’t really edit. I used it myself, in fact, just today on my sharing of the comet picture where I needed to make a change after I saw it up on my site (a slightly different configuration of website reference to picture than I’d been led to anticipate. What it did allow me to do was erase the whole post (after saving my text), go back to the page I’d found the comet picture on, press “share” again and paste in my saved text, this time making the changes there before re-posting it. So it’s editing of a sort, but if, say, someone had commented on the post before I got to it, this would destroy the comments too — so what Facebook offers instead of what I’d consider “real” editing (where I can just go into my text and change it, rather than destroying it with the things around it, then replacing it with a new post) is the same thing this comment section offers: the ability to say “Oops, here’s what I really meant,” and hope those who read the incorrect comment above will scroll down and see the new comment/correction.

        Or so it seems to work for me, but perhaps I’m missing something.

        (There is a practical reason for this though. On Facebook I can also “edit” comments that others post on my wall, but only to remove them if I wish to. So I can’t put words in other people’s mouths, even in the benign sense of just correcting someone else’s spelling error.)

      • Ah, but it does really edit. I simply clicked on the edit rather than the “delete” option and corrected spelling or wording. The “pen” is on your right hand side. However, I haven’t tried doing this in an older post/response on FB.

        Anyway, I don’t post that much to FB, and only rarely to my own page. How’s them apples? Or rubber spiders? Or catnip mousies? LOL!

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