First Poem of 2013 — A New Year’s Lagniappe; Teaser for Tears

Other than watching Big Ten teams lose football games on TV (exception:  Northwestern 34, Mississippi State 20 in the Gator Bowl), I finished a poem late yesterday, New Year’s Day, making it as it were my first creative act of 2013.  I don’t necessarily say it’s a good poem, but, hey, just writing something at all is half the fight.  It was for a challenge, to write a “poem which loses itself,” perhaps where the narrator loses track of time, or his/her emotion, etc.  So when in doubt I often turn to vampires as subjects (aha!), and in this case, given it’s New Year’s, what would a vamp having been around for hundreds of years think of celebrating yet one more time?  Might she have long since lost track of the changing years, or even the point of continuing existence?

Thus the result, an Existential New Year’s Vampire poem in which the subject re-discovers that one can still live for the moment:


Step, dip, turn, close,
she danced the motions,
the man in her arms,
the music was pleasant
but hadn’t she done it all
so many times before;
New Year’s Eve, dim lights,
the liquor, the toasts,
but didn’t it get old?
That is when one’s seen the year
out more than 400 times before,
years fading, old into new,
one night like those past,
the next night to be the same,
what was the use, she thought,
where lay the difference?
The vampiric frisson?
But no, she then thought too, as
swaying in her victim-to-be’s arms
she kept time to slow jazz,
there was, to be sure, a certain sameness
but new aspects also;
new flavors, new diets —
the palette was subtle
but one was what one ate,
affecting the blood too.
Last night she had Chinese,
while this night would bring more,
a bubbling of heart’s lust,
a tipsy quality from the Champagne
to drink the New Year in.

On a different note, a high point for me in the coming year, if all goes well, will be the release of my new prose collection, THE TEARS OF ISIS, scheduled for May from Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing (see December 13, November 24 2012, et al.).  One new bit of progress, an email yesterday from Editor/Publisher Max Booth III has announced that an artist has been assigned for the cover with, hopefully, preliminary results to be available by mid month.  It may not be ready for posting here — and, indeed, PMMP may want to hold it to coordinate with other publicity anyway — but I, for one, look forward to my first peek!


  1. Love this poem -can’t figure how to do the italics in my response for “vampire frisson” but what a great line, just had to pick that one out! Your vampire poems rule, Jim! I relate!
    I say you did very well with the concept of a vampire(ess) losing track of time…
    And happy new year to you, may you continue to amuse and entertain and challenge the thought-stream known as Imagination!

  2. I have to admit to half-swiping that line from a Jean Rollin film, Le Frisson des Vampires (badly translated, in my opinion, on the Redemption edition as “The Shiver of the Vampires” — maybe I’ll watch it again tonight. “A surreal film featuring gorgeous vampires, Gallic vampire hippies and lashings of lesbian sex,” according to the notes on the box. How can one go wrong?)

  3. James Dorr! “Lashings of lesbian sex”!! My goodness!!!

  4. One prefers to think of it as “sweet lesbian vampire love” 😉

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