“Other” At Year’s End Story Published; All Swords Melt Bought by Gaia’s Misfits

A Thursday double header with “The Christmas Zombie” officially published in the “other” end-of-year anthology, AT YEAR’S END:  HOLIDAY SFF STORIES (see December 3, November 19), by Kazka PreImagess.  From just dipping into it, AT YEAR’S END seems to be a nifty little 46-page electronic flash fiction anthology as compared to YEAR’S END:  14 TALES OF HOLIDAY HORROR which features longer stories with all specifically set on New Year’s Eve.  Two books, two eyes — what could be better?  For more information on Kazka Press’s offering (including Nook and Kindle versions hopefully within 24 hours) press here.  

Then . . . well, it was another of those last minute submission things, which seem to have happened a lot these past few months.  The moral for me is I probably ought to look at marketing lists more frequently.  This was an anthology called GAIA’S MISFITS, for fantasy stories aimed at Young Adults, interesting sounding right from the title and, as it happened (they also being willing to look at reprints), I had a story that might be just right for it.  The story, “All Swords Melt,” originally published in FANTASTIC WORLDS in 1996 (“[w]hile their mistress, Althena, is away,” as went the description the editor asked to be sent with submissions, “apprentice wizard Bronwyn casts a spell which inadvertently leaves their town vulnerable to a possible attack by brigands.  She and her fellow apprentice Humfrey must then make the dangerous journey to the conclave Althena is attending to either bring her back or obtain the means from her by which they can save the day themselves.  But worse, they must also face Althena’s wrath.”), seemed worth a shot at least, and so off it went at 10:54 p.m. on Deadline Day, December 1.  

By now you may be ahead of me, but anyway . . . Happy Ending!  Today as I write this, the 13th, Editor T.J. Lantz emailed me back.  “I enjoyed this story very much.  I found the characters believable and relatable and the writing style enjoyable.“  Thus a contract will be on its way.  

So I really should get a little more on top of the business side of this game and send things out in a more timely manner, but still the point is to get them out, even if in a heart-stopping manner.  Because sometimes it pays off.        


  1. Serendipitous or just LUCKY? Well, you made it in time and were accepted! Bravo! Love the cover of AT YEAR’S END.

  2. I kind of like the other YEAR’S END cover too, though, the glasses with the little skulls in them : )=

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