Telling Tales Live on Amazon, Damnation Books, Others? Discount Offered on Damnation Site; The Tears of Isis Set for Publication May 2013

TELLING TALES OF TERROR (cf. December 9, 3, et al.) is now available electronically at the Damnation Books site as well as on Amazon in Kindle, with the printed version expected soon.  Also it should arrive in ebook form on B&N, Omnilit, Itunes, Kobo, Blio, and some Imageothers over the next few days, according to an announcement received early yeaterday.  Also, through the end of December, orders through the Damnation site are eligible for a 25 percent discount — just enter the code 12PE9NGO4MDS at checkout — as are other Damnation books including my chapbook novelette THE GARDEN.  As for TELLING TALES, I have a mutt in this melee as well, as the writer of  the book’s introduction.

To order THE GARDEN, or just for more information about it, click on its picture in the column to the right, while for TELLING TALES OF TERROR:  ESSAYS ON WRITING HORROR AND DARK FICTION, one need only press here.

Then, speaking of books, Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing has announced that my latest short fiction collection, THE TEARS OF ISIS (see November 24, et al.), is officially on its 2013 list for publication in May — in time for it to be available at World Horror Convention on June 13-16 in New Orleans.  For a whetting of appetites (as it were) some more information about the contents of  THE TEARS OF ISIS can be found here.


  1. Hey James, I would like to review Telling Tales of Terror for Morpheus Tales. If you are agreeable, please send me a review copy (Kindle preferred) and, if possible, a JPEG of the cover.

  2. Hi Chris, you’ll have to deal with Damnation Books directly, so I’ll send you an email privately with Editor/Publisher Kim Richards’s email address to get in touch with her. I’ve also let her know your interest so she should be expecting to hear from you. And thanks!

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