Don’t Kiss the Vampire — Telling Tales of Terror Announced on Damnation Books December List; A Tale of Two Year’s Ends

Busy, busy, busy (again).  First it was getting the finished MS in for THE TEARS OF ISIS (see November 24).  Then last week I worked on a request from an anthology editor for a rewrite of a story I’d submitted.  And now this week, Damnation Books editor Kim Richards is in the final stages of getting TELLING TALES OF TERROR: ESSAYS ON WRITING HORROR AND DARK FICTION (cf. October 19) in shape for publication — which means, having finished reading and drafting notes on three new chapters, I’m waiting for a final contents list in order to update the introduction.  Oh, and to update my biography for them too.  Ah, the writing life, ain’t it great!

If all goes well, I believe the plan is for TELLING TALES OF TERROR to be available, at least in electronic form, by the end of this week, or if not then soon after — in any event, it’s already announced as an upcoming title on Damnation Books’s site.  So, for a preview of sorts, those curious can press here.

Also, once it’s out, I believe the twenty-five percent discount through the end of December, noted in the post just below, would apply to this book too.

Then I also just got back the countersigned contract for my story to come in AT YEAR’S END:  SFF HOLIDAY STORIES (see November 19), not to be confused with YEAR’S END:  14 TALES OF HOLIDAY HORROR, already published (see also just below, for November 29).  The latter from Untreed Reads Publishing, with my steampunky nasty “Appointment in Time,” is confined to stories taking place specifically on New Year’s Eve; while the former from Kazka Press, more broad in its approach, spreads over a carton of celebrations throughout the waning days of December/early January, including Christmas as blessed with my 500-word epic “The Christmas Zombie.”  And then of the former, that is still SFF HOLIDAY STORIES, publication continues on track for December 9 while, of the latter, HOLIDAY HORROR, Untreed Reads has supplied this nifty advertising banner.
So why not buy them both?


  1. Hey James, just remember, you work very hard to be this busy, haha! Take it easy, and good luck with all your various projects.

  2. Chris, thanks. I appreciate it. Incidentally, I see we’re together in TORN REALITIES — I enjoyed “The Art of Lucid Dreaming” very much!

  3. Marge, and Chris, thanks! “The Christmas Zombie” now joins the ranks of “The Christmas Vulture” and “The Christmas Rat,” though “The Christmas Cat” (about what happens when Scrooge, some years after his conversion to “keeping Christmas,” adopts a kitten) is still unsold. Maybe next year?

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