Year’s End Anthology Now Live from Untreed Reads; Damnation eBooks, Garden on December Sale

YEAR’S END:  14 TALES OF HOLIDAY HORROR (October 19, 17), edited by J. Alan Hartman,  is now available in .pdf and epub formats from Untreed Reads Publishing (with link at the Untreed Reads site for Kindle), with a number of other e-vendors including Amazon (six countries), ImageBarnes and Noble, etc., either live as well or expected to follow soon.  To quote the YEAR’S END blurb:

“The countdown has begun, but the only thing striking at midnight will be terror…

“New Year’s Eve isn’t all champagne and confetti. For some, it’s filled with regrets, the changing of the day dragging them kicking and screaming into a year for which they aren’t prepared. This year, some people will be screaming, but they may not make it to the New Year at all.

“Join 14 horror authors as they reveal the dark side of our end-of-year celebrations. This anthology of a holiday gone horrifyingly wrong contains stories by James S. Dorr, Richard Godwin, Nicky Peacock, John Stewart Wynne, Steve Shrott, Leah Givens, George Seaton, Kathryn Ohnaka, Jeremy K. Tyler, Betsy Miller, Byron Barton, Steve Bartholomew, Ali Maloney and Foxglove Lee.”

In other words, just the thing to add a sour tinge to the year’s end eggnog — and, hey, they’ve given first billing to me!  For more information and/or ordering, just check the Untreed Reads site by pressing here.

In other news, Damnation Books has announced  as of late yesterday that they’re holding a 25 percent off sale for all electronic titles through December 31 when ordered directly from their website.  Needless to say, I’ve got an entry in this one too, the novelette THE GARDEN, a tale of cutting edge biotechnology in a Nathaniel Hawthorne-esque, neo-Gothic New England setting.  So what does that mean?  Buy the story and find out — by pressing its picture in the center column.  All that’s needed to get the discount is to enter the coupon code 12PE9NGO4MDS at checkout.


  1. Folks, THE GARDEN is a great read!! You’ll be enthralled soon enough. And I must add that Mr. Dorr is a master of “holiday horror” –so hustle to these sales and reap the rewards!

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