To Peds and Beyond — Open Book Society Guest Blog Posted

We were expecting it might take a little longer, but my guest blog with the Open Book Society (see November 13) is up on their site today.  Titled “To PEDS and Beyond:  Community and the Writer,” it talks about how every sale, every association, every positive contact a writer makes forges bonds between him or her and a wider community, that in turn becomes almost like part of a writer’s family.  As an example, I show how the publication of my e-novelette PEDS by Untreed Reads Publishing had its roots in a call for steampunk/mystery crossovers that I saw as a member of the Short Mystery  Fiction Society, leading to the publication of VANITAS by Untreed Reads.  That in turn led to my sending in the Christmas horror story I’M DREAMING OF A. . . ., also to answer a call by the publisher and subsequently published, then my unsolicited submission of PEDS and, from yet another call, my soon to be published “Appointment in Time” in Untreed Reads’s YEAR’S END New Year’s anthology (see October 19, 17).

Or, similarly, my story in Dark Moon Books’ ZOMBIE JESUS anthology (see November 9, 5, et al.), added to other stories I’d published with Dark Moon before, brought an invitation from Editor Max Booth III to submit to his own newly-minted Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing, the result of which (so far) — a  new collection if all goes well, THE TEARS OF ISIS — can be read about just below in the post for November 24.

So, to see the Open Book Society blog for yourself, just press here, while information on PEDS and other Untreed Reads ebooks mentioned above can be found by clicking on their pictures in the center column.



  1. VERY GOOD NEWS, JIM! Isn’t it cool how one good thing often leads to another (good thing too)?

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