Up to 50 Percent Off at Dark Regions Press Today and Sunday; MS Turned In for The Tears of Isis

I don’t usually do pure commercials, but I’ve got two books in this bag too, STRANGE MISTRESSES:  TALES OF WONDER AND ROMANCE and DARKER LOVES:  TALES OF MYSTERY AND REGRET, both of which are being offered at a 50 percent discount off listImage price as part of Dark Regions Press’s post Thanksgiving sale.  All in stock titles are included in the sale as well as some other items, although discounts will vary, some being at a full 50 percent, but with others at 15 or 25 percent.  To check it out at the Dark Regions site, press here, or, if you’ve a mind specifically to (ahem) buy one of my books, you can go directly by clicking its picture in the center column.  But best hurry because, according to the announcement, the sale ends at “midnight Monday morning.”

Then, speaking of collections, this afternoon I sent the MS for THE TEARS OF ISIS to Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing (see November 17, 9), along with ancillary materials like sample blurbs, biographical information, author photo, etc.  Tentatively we’re looking toward a publication date of May 2013 if all goes well, although, technically, this will be the first time the publisher will have had a chance to actually see the book.  (A funny story, incidentally:  Yesterday I had been busy working on the blurbs and was having trouble finding a two or three word gloss for one of the other stories in the collection and, apparently, that particular story remained stuck in my mind.  So, natch, in my subject line sending in the MS today, I accidentally typed in that story’s title rather than the one for the actual book title, THE TEARS OF ISIS.  Fortunately I caught it just after I’d emailad the stuff in and immediately sent in an apology/explanation along with forwarding the materials again under the proper subject line, but now that the editor has been convinced I’m an absolute fool. . . . :-))

So now we wait.


  1. Oh, don’t worry, Jim. Anyone would know that you’re a pro and shouldn’t be picky. I shall amend that to say, anyone who has checked your Wiki bio and credits should know that!

  2. Actually I was invited to submit a book, so I suspect forgiveness will have come easily, but the trouble is I’ve been convinced I’m a fool. 🙂

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