Poludnitsa on Kindle; Zombie J Anthology Received; More on Nov. 9 “Mystery Announcement”

Some quick miscellanea to wind up the week.  To begin, I received an email from Chamberton Publishing announcing that POLUDNITSA (cf. September 13, 19) is now available as a stand-alone ebook on Kindle, with other outlets expected to come within the next few weeks.   This is a story originally published in Winter 1991-92 in THE SHORT STORY DIGEST (and has appeared in print as well in STRANGE MISTRESSES) in which, to quote the blurb on Amazon, “[w]hisked away from danger by a Poludnitsa — a mythical fairy — a young woman witnesses the horrors of war and discovers how she can help bring justice to the guilty. A new twist where revenge is replaced with something greater.”  And not only that, the cover on Chamberton’s CHIMERA SERIES edition is worth the price of the book itself!  For information or ordering press here.

Then earlier in the week ZOMBIE JESUS turned up in my mailbox.  To give it its full name, that’s ZOMBIE JESUS AND OTHER TRUE STORIES from Dark Moon Books, including my own entry, “Avoid Seeing a Mouse” (see November 5, 9).  Moreover, according to the ZOMBIE JESUS blog, there’s a chance to win one of two free copies between now and December 31 via Goodreads, for which press here.

Then finally re. my “Non-Announcement Announcement” of November 9, as of yesterday I’ve finished formatting the last of the stories of my hoped-to-be third fiction collection, with a tentative title THE TEARS OF ISIS.  Now I need to add such things as contents and acknowledgements pages as well as blurbs and biographical information for the publisher, plus check over the whole thing a few more times.  This getting books ready is not a trivial thing.  All in all, I seem to be holding to the schedule I’d initially proposed, to be pretty much finished by Thanksgiving and to have it on its way to Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing by the end of the month, at which point it will be up to the editor/publisher to decide whether he likes it or not.


  1. Congrats on Poludnitsa and crossing fingers for you with Perpetual Moon Publishing venture!

  2. Um, Perpetual Motion Machine? 😉

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