Zombies for a Cure: Stories, Poems to Aid Cancer Research Received

With its strange black cover, the feel of which is a bit reminiscent of soft dry skin, ZOMBIES FOR A CURE (see also October 11) arrived in my mailbox yesterday afternoon.  Such was the day that I didn’t really get to the mail until after dark, but then there is an appropriateness to that when what I will find is a book of stories and poems about those who are dead but still move about.  However, ZOMBIES FOR A CURE is more than just that; profits made from sales are slated to be donated for cancer research.

But that isn’t all.  Backstories from some of the writers in ZOMBIES FOR A CURE (including moi), the origins of the tales and poems appear on Gregory L. Norris’s blog, GREGORY L. NORRIS, WRITER, for Tuesday November 8, to be found by pressing here.  My own contribution is a poem, “Should Zombies Really Crawl from Their Graves,” and, while not profound, the reason why I wrote the poem in the first place might be of mild interest (after which it had been submitted to PAPER CROW, but Editor Angela Charmaine Craig thought it a better fit for the anthology and, when she asked me, I agreed).  Or then again maybe not.

Nevertheless, the book itself is of interest and, judging from just glancing through, worth getting regardless of where the money goes.  More information on ZOMBIES FOR A CURE can be obtained by pressing here.


  1. My copy arrived yesterday! It’s just great, huh! Lots of poems included too (including your excellent “Should Zombies Really Crawl from Their Graves” –what a marvelous ending 4 lines to it, too! Your description of the cover stock is neat, but my first thought was sort of a suede texture. Anyway I guess it’s supposed to be creepy but I love it, whatever it is.

    Bravo, Jim!

  2. Marge, thanks. And we must add, too, that you have I think 3 poems there — love “Hot August Night” with the preacher! — with Sandy DeLuca’s illustrations (had I been Angela, I think I would have put her name with yours on the pages as well, and not just in the contents, but maybe that would have looked awkward). I was probably inspired by your description of the cover, in your comment on prior post, except I think of suede as having not quite as smooth a texture.

    Has Angela used her middle name in the past (I don’t seem to remember it in PAPER CROW, but it’s been awhile)?

  3. Thank you, Jim. I don’t think Angela uses her full name usually, but probably did so in this case because the collection was inspired by a deeply personal connection — the (recent) loss of her younger sister to cancer. So it is to raise awareness, and the money will go to cancer research.

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