After Death Contents Announced; Early Review in for Zombie Jesus

Now it can be revealed.  Last June I responded to a call for a new anthology, AFTER DEATH, to consist of “stories of Horror, Dark, and Speculative Fiction, including all associated sub-genres . . .  that explore this theme:  What may occur to someone AFTER they have died.”  In time I received an acceptance, but was asked to keep things under wraps until it was time for a public announcement of the anthology as a whole.  Acording to editor Eric J. Guignard, that time has come now.

Thus, below,  the official table of contents for AFTER DEATH, chosen, in the editor’s words, from a total of “364 submissions. There were so many brilliant and well-written ideas that it was agonizing to only be able to select a handful. I wish I could include many more authors, but space was limited. As it is, I grew the project larger than originally planned. Of the afore-mentioned stories, six were by invitation and the remaining selected through open call. The book comes out to about 115,000 words of all new and original fiction!”  And not only that, each story will be illustrated by Audra Phillips, with publication currently scheduled for March or April 2013 by Dark Moon Books.

Andrew S. Williams – Someone to Remember
David Tallerman – Prisoner of Peace
Steve Rasnic Tem – The Last Moments Before Bed
Lisa Morton – The Resurrection Policy
John M. Floyd – High Places
Kelda Crich – Circling the Stones at Fulcrum’s Low
David Steffen – I Will Remain
Aaron J. French – Tree of Life
Sanford Allen & Josh Rountree – The Reckless Alternative
Brad C. Hodson – The Thousandth Hell
James S. Dorr – Mall Rats
Ray Cluley – Afterword
Jonathan Shipley – Like a Bat out of Hell
Edward M. Erdelac – Sea of Trees
Jacob Edwards – The Overlander
Bentley Little – My Father Knew Douglas MacArthur
Jamie Lackey – Robot Heaven
John Palisano – Forever
Robert B. Marcus, Jr. – Beyond the Veil
Alvaro Rodriguez – Boy, 7
William Meikle – Be Quiet At The Back
Christine Morgan – A Feast of Meat and Mead
Simon Clark – Hammerhead
Peter Giglio – Cages
Kelly Dunn – Marvel at the Face of Forever
Trevor Denyer – The Unfinished Lunch
Steve Cameron – I Was The Walrus
Larry Hodges – The Devil’s Backbone
Benjamin Kane Ethridge – The Death of E. Coli
Emily C. Skaftun – Final Testament of a Weapons Engineer
Joe McKinney – Acclimation Package
Josh Strnad – Hellevator
Allan Izen – In and Out the Window
John Langan – With Max Barry in the Nearer Precincts

My story, as can be seen, is called “Mall Rats” and is about, well, as also was noted “[t]he theme of this anthology is to imagine what may occur to someone AFTER they have died.”

Then, of books already published, Editor Max Booth III has announced that the first review of ZOMBIE JESUS AND OTHER TRUE STORIES (see post just below) is now available.  Not surprisingly it’s a positive one (cf. the reviewer’s explanation – it is at least one done by request) but it also offers a story by story rundown to give a better idea of what the anthology’s all about.   Interesting stuff for the most part, I think, even without my own story in it, “Avoid Seeing a Mouse” (though it, too, is mentioned in the review).  To see for yourself, press here.


“Non-Announcement” Announced

I might mention I’m working on a book myself, a collection of short fiction tentatively to be published by a new imprint, Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing — which means I’ve been stinting a bit on other activities this month as well as part of the last.  I think, however, it will be more than worth it.  When published it will join my two other fiction collections, STRANGE MISTRESSES:  TALES OF WONDER AND ROMANCE and DARKER LOVES:  TALES OF MYSTERY AND REGRET from Dark Regions Press, along with the other titles in the column to the right.  Check this bloggie for more information as it becomes known.



  1. With a name like that for a title, I am pretty sure this collection will not be available locally (Ocala, FL). But it’s cool by me. BTW loved reading your poem in ZOMBIES FOR A CURE, “Should Zombies Really Crawl Out of their Graves” which arrived today from Elektrik Milk Bath Press. Also, isn’t that cover paper cool? Texture like soft suede leather or such?

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