E-Novelette Peds Now Available from Untreed Reads

The word came in Tuesday evening, my science fiction novelette PEDS (see October 15, May 21, et al.) is now available as a stand alone electronic chapbook from Untreed Reads Publishing.  To quote the official blurb:  “In a near-future world where the car is king and the people are divided between those who ride on a network of highways connecting the glittering hubs of the city, and those left on foot — the lowly ‘Peds’ — who inhabit the lands that lie between them, Robert Balkoner has always believed these latter, even if disadvantaged, are well cared for by the city as a whole.  These beliefs are shattered, however, when a freak auto accident thrusts him among the Peds, and he discovers a system more varied, complex, and sometimes horrific, than anything he might have imagined.  Yet even here Balkoner also can find love, as well as a handful of rebels willing to barter their lives in a quest to improve conditions for themselves and their fellows.”  PEDS was originally published in HARSH MISTRESS SCIENCE FICTION ADVENTURES (later ABSOLUTE MAGNITUDE — a funny story about that, incidentally, in that the name change came about because even though the guidelines were clear, and the magazine named after Robert Heinlein’s novel THE MOON IS A HARSH MISTRESS, the editor found he was being swamped with bondage submissions) in Spring-Summer 1993.

PEDS is available in .PDF, EPUB (includes The Nook and iPad, etc.), and Kindle formats for $1.50 and can be ordered by pressing here.  Also published by Untreed Reads are my chapbooks VANITAS and I’M DREAMING OF A. . . ., a steampunk/mystery originally published in ALFRED HITCHCOCK’S MYSTERY MAGAZINE and an original Christmas horror tale, respectively.  For more information just click on the pictures in the center column or, for general information on Untreed Reads, press here.

Also to come from Untreed Reads will be my short story “Appointment in Time” (cf. October 17) in the New Year’s Eve horror anthology YEAR’S END.


  1. Congrats, Jim! It sounds very intriguing!

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