Telling Tales of Terror Contract Returned — A Story of “Way Back When”; Name IS Known for New Year’s Anthology

Way back when (or some months ago anyway), amidst the burgeoning heat of summer, I had received an email from Damnation Books editor Kim Richards (re. Damnation, click on the image of THE GARDEN in the center column) having “nothing to do with Damnation Books.”  It turns out she was editing a “How to Write Horror” book for  a Canadian publisher and wondered if I would be interested in writing the introduction for it.  Why not? thought I, and in time I received partially edited chapters, etc., to give me a feel for the book, and in a month or so sent back an approximately 1300 word piece that seemed to fill the bill.

But then troubles occurred:  The original publisher cancelled the deal so, after some thought, Editor Richards et al. decided to go ahead with the book under their own Damnation Books imprint, and would those who had had chapters etc. accepted before still be interested in being in it?  For me, this would imply a partial rewrite (some of the authors/chapters cited in the introduction will have been changed) but not too much of one so, again, why not?  Thus today I returned a new contract for a retitled TELLING TALES OF TERROR:  ESSAYS ON WRITING HORROR AND DARK FICTION, hopefully on a fast track for release on December 1 (assuming new chapters come in on time — I myself have said I can work fast as soon as I get a chance to go through them along with the new contents page), otherwise on March 1 2013.

And the weird thing is, among other things, I have two other “How to Write” books on the books-to-be-read shelf  for possible award recommendations.

Then, speaking of titles, I was wrong in the previous entry on Untreed Reads Publishing’s upcoming New Year’s anthology in saying that, as of yet, it was untitled.  Actually it was right in editor Jay Hartman’s guidelines, just before the part saying “[c]ome tell us your scariest story about New Year’s Eve.”  The name of the anthology is to be YEAR’S END.

Unless, of course, things get changed.

  1. Interesting! Well, at least your introduction wasn’t written in vain!
    Good for you!

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