Farmer In The Well Accepted for Cthulhu Haiku; Still Seeking Submissions Till Sat., Pre-Orders to Halloween

It was a contrast in slowness and speed.  I’d first sent a 300-word story “The Farmer in the Well” to a projected anthology from Popcorn Press, publishers of THE HUNGRY DEAD and HALLOWEEN HAIKU with work of mine in the past (see December 30 2010 and November 22 2011), on December 1 last year.  But things get delayed sometimes and, this September, Popcorn Press put out the call again for the new anthology CTHULHU HAIKU AND OTHER MYTHOS MADNESS, “an anthology of Lovecraftian poetry and flash fiction.”  So, things sometimes getting lost as well (and, truth to be told, I’d almost forgotten the earlier submission), I resent “The Farmer” along with some other things just in case on September 27.

Today the answer came from Editor Lester Smith, “The Farmer in the Well” has been accepted.  But the really quick part is this:  CTHULHU HAIKU will still be open for last-minute submissions until this Saturday, October 13.  For poetry they’re “open to anything related to H.P. Lovecraft‘s mythos.  Haiku and related forms like senryu, tanka, lunes, and Korean sijo are especially welcome.  Sonnet variations and other formal poems are also encouraged.  Vers libre will also be considered.  We further encourage 100-word prose poems and one- or two-stanza alphabetic morph rhyme.”  And, re. my sale, for fiction “[a]nything 1,000 words or less is solicited.  Stories can feature plot, mood, or both.”

Not only that, but CTHULHU HAIKU AND OTHER MYTHOS MADNESS is already open for preorder with plans for it to be out before Halloween.  For special deals that are also available for early orderers, just click on your choice of Indiegogo or Kickstarter.

Then, for writers, guidelines can be found by pressing here.  But that October 13 deadline is firm, with final selections being decided on October 14, the book’s interior layout to be finished October 15 with its ebook release to be the same day, and the printed version to have an estimated shipping date two days after that for an estimated delivery date for early orderers of October 27-31.

Which brings us back to “The Farmer in the Well,” a tale of Cthulhu and life in the country entirely in dialogue, described by the editor himself as a “delightful story.”  With that kind of endorsement would you want to miss it?


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