Upstart Poets, Uncommon Assassins Highlights for Thursday

Just back from “Upstart Poets,” a monthly local reading series I’ve been getting to most months this year and, indeed, was even a featured poet on last April (cf. April 27).  Not so this month, but I did read two poems at the end, when those in the audience are invited to participate either with their own work or reading a favorite work by some other poet.  In my case, I had planned to read a zombie poem for starters, “100% Brains,” but one person preceding me read a list poem about money, then the person to his left read one about werewolves.  So I, taking the hint, read a vampire list poem about blood, “Something Borrowed” (“Blood bags and bottles,/ hospitals are filled with blood — / do they deliver?”), then on the second round read one of a trilogy of recent poems on proper vampiric deportment, “The Vampire’s Advice” (“. . . then smile, my dear, smile/ let them think of those ruby lips . . .”).

Then of other news, UNCOMMON ASSASSINS arrived in the mail, a replacement copy for one that had apparently gone astray.  Released last month by Smart Rhino Publications (see August 16, April 17), this thus far fascinating anthology of murder and mayhem contains, among other stories, a reprint by me called “The Wellmaster’s Daughter” originally published in ALFRED HITCHCOCK’S MYSTERY MAGAZINE.


  1. Congrats and I like your choices for Upstart Poets reading. Hope everyone was duly impressed. Looks like this month is ending on a promising note, too!

  2. Hi Marge, thanks. I really ought to market those poems (though the first places I’d have in mind have already fairly recently accepted other stuff from me, so I need to give them a decent wait too). As for their reception, people seemed to laugh at the appropriate times — which is much better than them laughing at inappropriate times 😀

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