Complete List Mars Poetry Winners, Anthology Announced

It’s official.  Contest coordinator Patricia Ferguson has released a complete list of winners and honorable mentions for this year’s MARS, THE NEXT FRONTIER competition, as noted below, September 22.  In all, twenty poems were selected as winners or honorable mentions out of a total of 57 entries.  Moreover these poems plus selected poems from the other entries will be published in a special anthology.  Contracts will go out in October and November and, assuming last year’s schedule is followed, the volume itself will most likely be available early next year.

Also, the National Space Society of North Texas has announced a new contest, this one in conjunction with The Fort Worth Haiku Society on the theme of “Space Exploration, Development, and Settlement,” with a deadline of July 31 2013.  Details, as well as an official winners list, can be found by pressing here, while more general information about the NSSofNT itself can be found here.

And so, for those who prefer not to click on the above, the winners of this year’s Mars Poetry Competition are:

1st place: Ron Bracale:  ”Main Base Maria”
2nd place: Michael Barretta: ”The Astronaut’s Prayer”
3rd. place: Rilie Hudson: ”Away”

Honorable mention:
Robert Wynne: “Life on Mars”
Gerald Warfield: “At The Steps of Mars”
Marge Simon: “Striking out on Mars”
Stephen Sanders:  ”A Year on Mars” and “Space Pirates”
Rie Sheridan Rose: ”I Am Mars” and  ”Reflections on a Red Planet”
Jim Reader; ‘Martian Meditation’ and “With Thanks to Herbert George”
Juan Manuel Perez: “Martian Miscellaneous [Tri-Ku No. 2]”
Cassidy Paschal: “The Majesty of Mars”
Ethan Nahte: “Refuge Upon Mars”
Mikaelah Morrow:  ”Mars”
Jack Horne: “Missions”
Tiana Ferrante: untitled
James Dorr: “Outward Bound”
Barbara Berry: “Ancient Voices”
Greg Beatty: “The Martian in the Mirror”
Daniel Ausema: “The Earth is No More With Us”


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