California Vamp Selected for Dwarf Stars

DWARF STARS is an annual anthology put out by the Science Fiction Poetry Association, similar to the RHYSLING ANTHOLOGY, but confined to poems of ten lines or less.  As with the Rhyslings, SFPA members will vote on the poems in its pages to determine the best eligible poem for a given year, but unlike the Rhysling, the editor or editors of that year’s anthology will have made a preliminary choice of the poems sent in to determine which will actually appear in that year’s DWARF STARS — that is, just as if they were submissions to an ordinary anthology.

So it was that I sent in some of mine published in 2011 for consideration for the 2012 anthology last July or so.  Today the word came back:  one of these, “California Vamp,” has been selected to be in DWARF STARS.  “California Vamp” is a rondelet, a 7-line poem with a specific rhyme scheme and a repeated refrain in lines 1, 3, and 7, that first appeared in my collection VAMPS (A RETROSPECTIVE (see August 1 2011 and/or click on its picture in the center column).  Whether it will go on to be voted the best of the year is, of course, a different matter (hint from the poet, who ought to know:  wait for a really favorable point spread before you bet on it).

For more information on the SFPA and/or DWARF STARS, press here or here, respectively.


  1. Congratulations, Jim! Looks like we’ll be in company again –I didn’t submit it, but they are taking a poem from my collection, The Mad Hattery, too. This should be a very good Dwarf Stars, with Geoff Landis helping out as editor!

  2. BTW, “California Vamp” was among my favorites in VAMPS!

  3. Ah, the irrepressible California Vamp. But she thanks you muchly for the compliment — and congratulations on your poem too!

    This does sound like a good year for Dwarf Stars and I’ll be looking forward to seeing it.

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