Mars Poem Cops Space Society Honorable Mention

One bit of news today, a haiku-styled poem of mine, “Outward Bound,” has been awarded an Honorable Mention in this year’s National Space Society of North Texas Poetry Contest, MARS, THE NEXT FRONTIER.  While I haven’t had any more official word than that, last year’s winners and honorable mentions and selected other poems were subsequently published in paperback form in MOON, THE EIGHTH CONTINENT (cf. February 11 this year; September 15 2011), including my “Landing,” another three-liner about Neil Armstrong’s famous “first step.”  The next few days perhaps will tell us if “Outward Bound” is selected for a similar volume.

The National Space Society of North Texas is an organization to promote interest in people in the Dallas/Fort Worth area in space exploration and science including education in the space sciences, encouragement of commercial space enterprise, further probing of the “next frontier,” understanding the benefits from space exploration, and the creation of a spacefaring civilization.  More information on the NSSofNT can be found here.



  1. Congrats, Jim! I got one too, for “Striking Out On Mars”. I’d also asked if anyone else entered this contest (asked on SFPAnet) but nobody said boo back. Anyway, way to go!

  2. Hey Marge, congratulations to you too! So it seems we may be in yet another book together (I still don’t know officially, but it seems reasonable to expect that hon. mentions will end up in the book). I must have missed your message on SFPAnet though or else I would have said something then.

  3. Yes, we’ve got to stop meeting in these places. LOL!!! Just kidding, it’s always nice to be in your “company” poetically or fictionally speaking. The editor(S) have good taste, obviously.

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