Two Poems Sold for Prospective “Cthulhu a Love Story” Issue

It was another of those things one couldn’t resist, a special “Cthulhu a Love Story” theme for the upcoming issue of PROSPECTIVE:  A JOURNAL OF SPECULATION.  But then the magazine itself seemed intriguing too:  “Are you feeling burdened by the stress of untangling convoluted prose?  Tired of reading literary journals focused on deadbeat dads, women having problems with their vaginas, and the dystopian state of the global economy?/ Then it’s time for you to get a little PROSPECTIVE:  A JOURNAL OF SPECULATION./ Don’t lie, deep down you know you want to kick back with a nice, peaty scotch and dream about Werewolves and Other Bitches.  . . .  The monsters are waiting.”  Werewolves, etc., turns out to have been the theme of their premiere issue, with the second one something about vampires.  Darn, missed that second one!  But, as said above, how could I resist the third, on “Cthulhu a Love Story?”  So I packaged up three poems that I thought might do at around the beginning of August (and as it happens the last day that issue was open — I seem to be getting into a pattern of finding out about these sorts of things at the very last moment) and sent them on out.

This evening the email came from Editor Lauren Stone, “I am pleased to inform you that we have accepted ‘It Must Have Been That New Fish Food’ and ‘Slow-Motion’ for publication.”  So that’s two out of three, which is not a bad average.  Issue 3 will be the fall issue, with hopes of it going to print by October 1.  On that day also PROSPECTIVE:  A JOURNAL OF SPECULATION will open for submissions for its winter number, titled “What’s that scuttling down my chimney?  A Christmas issue,” with the announcement adding that themes can be taken loosely — “I like the titles to be a source of inspiration for authors and artists rather than a strict guideline.”  And lest I forget, PROSPECTIVE publishes flash fiction too, up to 1000 words.

For more information on PROSPECTIVE:  A JOURNAL OF SPECULATION, including guidelines, one need but press here.


  1. Good for you! Two more poems to share wtih the world of their readership! I’ll bet you have found a very Dorr-friendly market!

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