More About Poludnitsa, Chamberton “Chimera Series” Revealed

This morning I deposited the check from Chamberton Publishing, received Monday afternoon, for my story “Poludnitsa” (see below, September 13).  Then this afternoon I received more information on the series of fantasy stories it will appear in — now with an official name, “The Chimera Series.”  According to Editor/Publisher T. K. Richardson, “This new series features stand-alone short stories and we’re putting out these ‘single shorts’ to reach readers who just want a quick story to read.  Over and over we hear from family, friends, and young adults with such busy lives that there’s simply no time to read a long book.  . . . so we’re introducing The Chimera Series — short stories for busy people.  Each short story will be priced at .99 and can be read in about the time of a lunch break at work, between college classes, or on a daily commute.”

But that isn’t all.  Attached to the email was a copy of the cover for “Poludnitsa” which, if it’s typical of the art that will be used for other titles in the series, could well make them instant collectors’ items.  Or maybe I’m prejudiced — but I am impressed!  As for when “Poludnitsa” will be available, that hasn’t quite been set in stone yet, but the email concludes, “Look for these short stories to be released over the next couple of months.”


  1. Nice going, Jim! The artwork is tops. Good idea for a collection of short-short stories (or just “short”).

  2. Marge, thanks. I love the art too. This is one of a series of (so far) five short story ebooks — one story per ebook, assuming they’ll only be electronic (though with those covers, print copies would be especially nice too), similar to my Untreed Reads titles “Vanitas” and “I’m Dreaming Of A…(have I mentioned my sf novelette “Peds” should be coming out from Untreed next month? 😉 ) — with some pretty fancy covers on the other four too. As far as I know, they haven’t opened the Chimera line to general submissions yet, but the existing titles, with covers, are on the Chamberton Publications website (takes a little while to upload, even on the library computer, but with all those pictures….

    • Wonderful news, Jim!
      All the more to look forward to.

      • To be clear, the other four stories are by four different authors. (I reread my comment and realize it could be read as implying all are by me). Since, to my knowledge, guidelines have never been published for the Chimera series, I’m guessing they were also acceptances of stories originally submitted for different books (mine, for instance, had been for a young adult anthology) or solicited from writers the editor/publisher knew.

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