Chamberton Publishing Takes Poludnitsa

It was another one of those last minute things.  I realized in late August , less than a week before I was due to leave for Chicago, that Chamberton Publishing had one anthology that was still open, for young adult fiction, but it would close on September 1.  I had dealt with Chamberton before, selling them a reprint story, “Scavenger,” for their upcoming LIMELIGHT science fiction anthology (see August 15, June 19) — and moreover they’d paid me on acceptance — so why not give a shot to this one as well?  I had one or two fantasies that I thought might be appropriate, a young protagonist and a lesson learned that could apply to the real world as well, so I chose one that had originally been published in THE SHORT STORY DIGEST for Winter 1991-92 called “Poludnitsa,” based on a figure in Slavic mythology.  And that was that.

It was taking a chance, sort of.  I hadn’t written “Poludnitsa” as a YA story, though I think it’s one that young adults would like.  And possibly it was a little far out, but still in my opinion a good story.

Today the gamble has paid off — although in a sort of weird way.  The email brought an acceptance, but for a new series  of fantasy books that Chamberton is planning that to my knowledge doesn’t even have guidelines announced yet.  As Editor T. K. Richardson put it, “I know you submitted Poludnitsa for the YA anthology, however we really feel this story would fit perfectly in the new series.  Would you still be interested?”

You bet I was.  The pay is the same, and not bad for a fairly short previously published tale, and moreover a followup email suggests I’ll be on the list for consideration for farther future projects as well, so — nothing ventured, nothing gained! — it looks like my choice to take a chance at the end of August has paid off nicely.


  1. That’s great, Jim! Never leaving a stone unturned– getting there lastest with the bestest (etc.) is a good motto. And the pluses to this decision to submit were all in your favor! Good show! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Marge, thanks for the good words! They’re not a bad market, paying me $50 for a 2300 word reprint (and the same for “Scavenger” before at I think about 2400 words). And for longer stories it can be more, so if they like my writing (albeit, I think, not the darkest of it) I’m going to keep them in mind. 😀

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