Not Just Rockets and Robots — “She Had Herself WHAT?”

Saturday my copy of NOT JUST ROCKETS AND ROBOTS:  DAILY SCIENCE FICTION YEAR ONE arrived.  This is the first year print anthology I mentioned briefly in my “Home Again” posting last week (September 3) which I had arranged to have shipped to me rather than picking up my copy there because the book is heavy, and I was traveling with limited luggage space.  To quote the editors:   “We’ve wrested the first year of Daily Science Fiction — those stories appearing via email from September 1st, 2010 through August 31st, 2011 — free of their pixels, put them through our magical, analog converter whosamajiggy, and lovingly dusted them onto genuine, dead tree, paper.  The resulting book is 871 pages of science fiction, fantasy, slipstream; 260 or so stories to entertain and possibly even make you think.  A great value at $24.95.”

It is a great value too, although if you want to you can still go the DAILY SCIENCE FICTION website and peruse the archives — not to mention sign up for a free subscription as long as you’re there.  However there is something to be said for a compilation in print to have on your bookshelf, or just to dip into whenever the spirit moves.

My story in this — which is not the story I read at Worldcon opting instead to read an excerpt of my more recent tale, “Naughty or Nice” (see December 2 2011, et al.), along with the poem “The List” from VAMPS (A RETROSPECTIVE) that it was inspired by — is called “Killer Pot” and is in part a homage to the late 1960s, albeit with a touch of Victorian weirdness, about a woman who’s had herself silvered.  What’s “silvered,” you ask?  Well, the story is on page 815 and the book can be ordered by pressing here (one caveat:  due to its weight, shipping outside the US may be a bit expensive).  Or as noted above you can go to the DAILY SCIENCE FICTION site and check out the archives for “Killer Pot” (cf. August 16 2011, et al., below).


  1. And it’s a great buy! DSF picks some excellent flash (and even longer) fictions.

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