High Shrill Thump War Anthology Published – ToC and Cover Revealed

“Paradoxically, war is both a rite of passage and the bane of human existence.  Third Flatiron Publishing presents A HIGH SHRILL THUMP, a new anthology of science fiction stories by an international group of award-winning and emerging writers, who offer their visionary takes on the theme of war.”  So begins the blurb from Third Flatiron Publishing for their latest anthology, originally set for September 1 and already out on Smashwords and Amazon five days early!   For more information both on the publisher (another title, on “Origins,” is open for submissions through the end of September) and the book press here or, for ordering from either of the two vendors noted above, just click on their names.

And who might be in this “international group of award-winning and emerging writers,” one might ask.  For one, me, with a story called “Refugees” (cf. July 8).  But here’s the official table of contents:

The Man Who Couldn’t Die by David L. Felts
Comrade at Arms by Gustavo Bondoni
Angel by K. R. Cairns
Grins and Gurgles (Flash Fiction): The Rocketeer by John Harrower
Refugees by James S. Dorr
The Home Front by David Turner
The Fixer by Jack Skelter
A Childproof War by Lon Prater
The Frontline Is Everywhere by Michael Trudeau
Half a Century Later at a Mid-Earth Pub by Tom Sheehan
Homeland Security by Brenda Kezar
In the Blink of an Eye by Nick Johnson
I Think I Won by David J. Williams
Photo and Art Credits

“These gritty storytellers charge through the gauntlet of war, past, future, and unimagined,” so the blurb cited above concludes.  Or, as editor Juliana Rew put it in her acceptance of my story, “Who can resist a trebouchet?  Not me!”


  1. Your name is the only one I recognize in the list of writers. I have to say I simply adore the name of the collection!! Congrats again, Jim!

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