Just Because It’s Cool (Or Maybe Hot?); Lovecraft’s Birthday List of Authors for Techno-Goth Cthulhu Revealed

No offense, or, okay so I’m a sucker [sic] for pictures of vampires, but this is one I couldn’t resist.  Courtesy of Art of the Beautiful~Grotesque via Victorian Vampire Society UK through the magic of Facebook, the painting is by the French artist Albert-Joseph Pénot (1862-1930) who is probably best known today for a series of figure studies, often dark both in color and mood as well as at times in a somewhat occult context.

Otherwise it’s been a rather sunny day today, pleasant and not too hot, scarcely the gloomy, windy, damp weather one might expect on, as it happens, the 122nd  birthday of  H. P. Lovecraft (August 20 1890, d. March 15 1937).  While the following has been available through Red Skies Press, and in that sense isn’t a new announcement, it seemed perhaps appropriate today to list the final lineup for their upcoming anthology TECHNO-GOTH CTHULHU (cf. March 3), including my story “Ghost Ship,” one in my “Tombs” series of tales of life and love on a far future, dying Earth.   The order of titles is by date of acceptance of the various stories, and not an official table of contents.


1. Whispers of The Ruling Class- Louis Baum
2. Little Earthquakes- Nickolas Cook
3. Looking for Joey Shoggoth- Peter Rawlik
4. Meditation on a Dead World- Dave Fragments
5. The 88th Floor- Benjamin Sperduto
6. Ghost Ship- James Dorr, SFWA and HWA Member
7. Carriage Thirteen (a novelette)- Nathan J.D.L. Rowark
8. The Avenue of Blades- Richard Godwin
9. Stark Raving Mad- Mae Empson, HWA Member
10. Anthropomorphic Eons- Mark Anthony Crittenden
11. The Dark Net- Wednesday Silverwood
12. Project Keziah- Donald Jacob Uitvlught

Editor Mark Crittenden is, as of my latest information, aiming for a December release date for TECHNO-GOTH CTHULHU.  Hopefully that will mean it will be out in time for Christmas giving.


  1. I really, really like this image! Five out of Five stars and thanks for sharing it, Jim. That’s great that you’re in this collection, too. The beautiful fantastic of Chill
    I am also sick of seeing “startling” full bleed covers with portions of female vampire faces with fangs, dripping blood. That means digital art cartoonish women’s eyes, noses and lips, with mouths open, blood drooling. Once is once too many. My two centavos, anyway. But who cares what I think!
    What you shared is more like it. In fact, it has “it”!

    Mark is a great talent as a writer and editor and I enjoy the premis of Techno-Goth.

  2. Hi Marge! I’m reminded, I think we both have stories coming out in another of Mark C’s anthologies, TRUE DARK. If others are reading this, as of today TRUE DARK is still open — info is on this blog for February 21, or better, click on the Red Sky Press button in the text above, go to “New Projects” (or whatever he calls it) and get the details from the horse’s mouth. In very short form, it’s for “the darkest, most horrific tales imaginable,” and has a deadline of Sept. 12 (unless it fills up earlier, and two-thirds of the way through August, the last flurry of submissions may be just beginning).

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