Gripey Vampire, Star*Line Arrive; Cindy Now Up on Wily Writers

Today’s street mail brought the July-September issue of the Science Fiction Poetry Association’s STAR*LINE (see July 15, et al.) filled with news, reviews, and poetry, including the winners of this year’s Rhyslings and a special memorial section for Ray Bradbury.  And how many individual poets?  Too many to count, and that’s even with me being barefoot!  And of this all, I have three lines (plus title, “Proper Perspective”) about a vampire with a gripe.

STAR*LINE comes with membership in the Science Fiction Poetry Association, but single issues are also available as well as discounts for library subscriptions.  More information both on the magazine and SFPA — including what “Rhyslings” are, for those who might wonder — can be found here.

Then in the electronic world my story “Cindy,” originally published in FANTASTIC in Spring 2001, is now available in electronic and podcast versions on WILY WRITERS (cf. February 19).  Call it a lagniappe if you will — the tale of a princess-to-be and the troubles her fairy godmother must go through to make sure everything turns out just right.  But nothing comes free, and of course the godmom may have her own agenda.  Also — is serendipity at play? — I got my preliminary schedule for Chicon 7, a.k.a. World Science Fiction Convention 2012, just a few days ago and one of my panels is “Dark Fairy Tales.”  “Move away from the general discussions of the Disney-ization of fairy tales and talk about how to reinvent fairy tales into dark fiction.”  So one thing that is free as well as what could be a preview of what I’ll talk about there can be found both at once by pressing here.

  1. Good for you, Jim –the Chicon panel will be right down your proverbial alley! I look forward to getting Star*Line, too. It should arrive tomorrow.

  2. Marge, thanks! — and re. Chicon my other panel is one about vampires.

  3. (I suppose I should add, though, they didn’t go for my suggested zombie panel.)

  4. Do you suppose zombies are at last on the way out?

  5. I think it’s more like vampires, that something that’s already undead can’t really die. : )=

  6. And now the zombies have come back anyway — see above! 😀

  7. You can’t keep a good zombie story down? Eh, what say?

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