Magazine of Speculative Poetry Goes to Printer; SNM Horror Alive on the Net

Roger Dutcher’s THE MAGAZINE OF SPECULATIVE POETRY (originally co-edited with Mark Rich, then later a solo operation) has been considered a yardstick of excellence in genre poetry for almost longer than can be remembered.  Highly irregular, sometimes more than a year may pass before the next issue, but always a treat when it finally comes out, the latest issue has been announced as at the printer with issues to subscribers and contributors starting going out this week and throughout the weekend.  And, yes, I’ve a joker in this jambalaya, a tale (I think — it has been a while since it was accepted 🙂 ) of zombism in the pre-Romero, Haitian tradition titled “Souvenir.”

The complete lineup for Issue 9.2 includes Dave Perry, Sankar Roy, F. J. Bergmann, Ed Gavin, Mark Rich, G. O.Clark, Paul Renault, Phil Emery, Kurt MacPhearson & Rick Yennik, Sandra J. Lindow, James S. Dorr, Alan Catlin, Brock Marie Moore, John Grey, Ed Gavin, Sarah Monette, Robert Borski, Shannon Connor, and Helen Ehrlich, plus a cover by Laurel Winter.  Single issues cost $ 5.00 in the US or $19.00 for the next four (outside the US it’s $6.50 and $25.00 respectively) including postage,  to

Roger Dutcher
Editor, The Magazine of Speculative Poetry
PO Box 564
Beloit WI 53512

(Sorry, no email — we’re talking classics here.)

Meanwhile, however, in the world of electronics, the “August Augmentations” issue of SNM HORROR MAGAZINE (see July  25, et al.) is now alive on the Internet.  My story in it, “Waste Not, Want Not,” can be read by clicking here, then press “SNM AUG/SEP ISSUE 1” in the column on the left, then scroll a lo-o-o-ong way down.  Call it an extra lagniappe, if you will — it’s free along with seven other stories of delightfully malpracticed medicine (for the other four, press “SNM AUG/SEP ISSUE 2”).


  1. Congrats once again, Jim! I look forward to reading your “Souvenir”!

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