Spirit of Poe on Kindle, Print Copy Received; The Zombie Requests: A Little Lagniappe

A goofy sort of a Monday, weather warming today with a promise to be real hot again Tuesday.  A mellow day still with a walk downtown, some work at the library, a stop at the market on the way home for snacks and groceries.  Yesterday, Sunday, came the announcement that THE SPIRIT OF POE (cf. July 23, et al.) is now on Kindle, for which, if interested, press here.  Also the print copy arrived here Friday — the 27th which was also the “official” release date.  Whatever official release dates mean these days.

Still, feeling goofy, feeling happy with monster and vampire poems recently sold (with illustrations by Marge Simon — natch!), I wrote a goofy zombie poem today, “The Zombie Requests,” which I share below.  No pictures with it, though.



Please forgive me when I shamble

when parts fall off in the rain,

or if, as I lurch and ramble,

I should pause and eat your brains.

  1. Love your GOOFINESS! Delightful little poem, Jim!

  2. Hi Marge, thanks. Not my best, but maybe ok for a warm (well, hot) summer day, with sweet tea and watermelon (except last week at Upstart Poets it was iced lemonade and the watermelon was warm).

    Do have more lemonade in the icebox though.

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