Bizarre Age Arrives, ToC Revealed

There were no bat-prints or wing-marks on the package, just a “PRIORITAR” label on the front and a customs declaration, but THE BIZARRE AGE (see July 14, June 21) has flown in from Romania, arriving today a bit after noon.  My story in it is “Moons of Saturn,” originally published in 1993 in Algis Budrys’s TOMORROW during its time as a print publication.  One of the pioneers way back then, it subsequently converted to the electronic TOMORROW SF — and published a few things by me in that manifestation as well — for its last couple of years, but nevertheless is, alas, long since defunct (a lesson today for those in other pursuits, perhaps, that you’re not going to balance budgets by just cutting costs when your problem is insufficient income)   (Right, so I’m a writer, but that’s why many of us have day jobs 🙂 )

If interested, the book is published in English by Edutura StudIS in both hardcover and trade paperback editions and is edited by Taner Murat.  US ordering information appears below for July 14, but, especially if you’re in Europe, it may be cheaper to order directly from Romania by clicking here.

Below is a list of “Featured Authors” with places of residence and story titles from the publisher’s website:

Wm. Samuel Bradford

georgia, usa

You Can Feel a Presence

Matthew Denvir

new york, usa

Funky Beasey

James S. Dorr

indiana, usa

Moons of Saturn

Larry Lefkowitz


The City

Hector Lopez

texas, usa

Man on the Train

Abstract Thoughts of Renewal

Jenean McBrearty

kentucky, usa

The Blue Duck

Carl Palmer

washington, usa

Len and Smithy

Jack Peachum

virginia, usa

Southern Gothic

Tom Sheehan

massachusetts, usa

Murder by Invention

The Rescues of Brittan Courvalais

The Old Man of the River

J. J. Steinfeld

prince edward island, canada


A Distant Planet Full of Walls and Words for Walls

One Last Question

Maggie Veness

new south wales, australia

DeVito’s Spider


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