Five “Vamps” to Visit British Science Fiction Association

Will it be all five?  Well, you know how vampires are.  And one or many, we won’t be seeing them until October when, according to Poetry Editor Charles Christian, the issue in question of VECTOR comes out.  These are five poems I submitted as a result of “The Dragon Tattoo” having been accepted by URBAN FANTASIST (cf. June 30).  With the acceptance came a note, I having mentioned VAMPS (A RETROSPECTIVE) in the bio I sent with the story, “I’d also be interested in any of your poetry submissions as I’m the poetry editor for a UK sci-fi magazine.”  Well, I’ve published short fiction about vampires set in Paris, Mignonette in DAILY SCIENCE FICTION last December, Guillemette to come in next winter’s WHITE CAT (see May 5, December 28, 21, et al., and May 29, respectively), so why not export vampire poems to England?  Thus today the acceptance email came.

The poems in question, all of which are in VAMPS (A RETROSPECTIVE) as well as, in four cases, other places (these vamps get around!) are:  “Moonlight Swimming,” “The Esthete,” “Alley Thoughts,” “California Vamp,” and Émile’s Ghosts” which together, I think, give a good mix of serious vs. funny, male vs. female, fairly long vs. fairly short, sexy vs. sad, in other words a fair idea of the range of poetry in the volume.  But of course there’s much more —   And as for VECTOR, it’s the official review and criticism journal of the British Science Fiction Association, an organization founded in 1958 by British science fiction and fantasy fans, authors, publishers, and booksellers, so perhaps with its coming October issue the word about VAMPS, via five of the book’s more adventurous denizens, will be spread a bit more widely across the sea.


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