Dragon Tattoo Goes to Britain

URBAN FANTASIST is a new webzine published fortnightly out of the United Kingdom, “dedicated to the urban fantasy genre.”  Quoting editor Charles Christian, “[a]long with my own news and book reviews, this site carries flash fiction and interviews with other science fiction & fantasy authors, while Craft Talk looks at technical aspects of SF&F creative writing.  We also have a shopping gallery where you can buy or download copies of urban fantasy-related books, ebooks, artwork and prints.”  I’m not quite sure where I ran across it myself (possibly LinkedIn?) but I noted it was looking for more flash stories so, checking the guidelines, I decided to try one called “The Dragon Tattoo” on them.

“The Dragon Tattoo” was originally published in a slightly longer form in the Summer 1993 issue of FANTASQUE, then, cut to about 950 words as a flash piece, re-published in FLUSH FICTION (Yard Dog Press, 2006) and subsequently posted as part of FLASH ME’s “All Fantasy” issue on Halloween night 2008.  So it had been around, but to good places, and with such credentials why not to Great Britain?  Then two days later came the acceptance, “I love it — and I really didn’t see that ending coming.  I’ll definitely use it.”

URBAN FANTASIST is a non-paying market at present but does accept reprints.  Moreover the editor plans to publish an annual ebook of stories that have appeared in the webzine which adds a bit more to its showcase value.  More or less anything would seem to be okay as far as subject matter is concerned, as long as it can fit beneath the (fairly loose) umbrella of urban fantasy as, according to URBAN FANTASIST’s home page, “a story that has a fantastical element set in an urban context. It may be set in the past, in the present or future and involve alien races, time travel, earthbound mythological characters, paranormal beings or the supernatural. The tensions within urban fantasy frequently stem from crossing the fine line that divides the mundane and familiar from the arcane and weird that can lurk just around the corner or over a cooling mocha in a city-centre coffee shop.”

Mine involves a tattoo parlor — does that count?  Find out when it’s published or, in the meantime, if interested in submitting yourself or just for more information check out the guidelines by pressing here.


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