Bloodsucker-Lover or Full-Moon Fiend? Vampire vs. Werewolf now in Poetry (Essays)

Summer solstice, the temperature in the early 90s, back a few hours from a walk which was pleasant although, one might say, conducive to cold drinks when I got home.  Then I’ve started marinating a potato salad to have with supper tonight.  And now a little news.

For those who remember my part in British author Naomi Clark’s series on Vampires vs. Werewolves on her blog (“Are you a bloodsucker-lover or a full-moon fiend?” — cf June 6, April 27), she has added a new guest post from Nathaniel Conners, to be followed possibly later this week by a final wrap-up which she will write.  And that will be that.  But, because I thought I’d had a few pleasant turns of phrase in my posting, I’ve given it a (more or less) permanent place by copying it to my “Poetry (Essays)” page, reachable under PAGES in the right-hand column for those who care to browse.  And, lest we forgot that I have another bat in the Bat Cave, my poetry collection VAMPS (A RETROSPECTIVE) continues to be available from Sam’s Dot Publishing.  Just click on its picture in the center column.  : )=  [that’s a Smiley with fangs]


  1. Love the smiley with fangs, Jim! :)=

  2. The most I can do outside in this weather is water the flowers and vegetables in the backyard. Usually I hibernate in this weather, but I have to chase after the kid!

  3. For the weather I recommend sweet tea with lots of ice, an old Southern remedy. Also iced coffee. The secret to the “Fangie” (at least on WordPress) seems to be to insert a space instead of the hyphen “nose” to fool the system into not just making a regular smiley with an equal sign after. At least I think that’s the way I did it? : )=

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