“Mouse” Accepted for Dark Moon Alternate History Horror Anthology

“What if Hitler had won the war, but only after selling his soul to the devil?  What if the San Francisco earthquake had released demons from the depths of hell?  What if vaccinations had never been discovered?  What if John Wilkes Booth returned to life as a zombie?”  So began the guidelines for Dark Moon Books’ upcoming, alternate history anthology tentatively titled ZOMBIE JESUS AND OTHER TRUE STORIES, and who could resist?  Certainly not I (who, truth to be told, had a story written way back when for a proposed “Y2K” anthology that had then folded before it could publish), who started my submission letter:  “Do you remember the months before the year 2000?  At midnight, Dec. 31 1999, some thought the Second Coming would happen.  Others thought only that the world’s computers would fail as the year date ‘99’ turned over to ’00.’  . . .  ‘Avoid Seeing a Mouse’ is a story of that bygone time.  Date-dependent details like the exhibit at the Pink Palace Museum, the wrestling matches at the Pyramid Arena, even the solar eclipse, are accurate for Memphis in 1999 — they actually happened.   But what if, on that New Year’s Eve, some of the things that people feared had happened as well?”

And so, could editors Lori Michelle, Max Booth III, and Stan Swanson resist that?  Apparently not as this afternoon’s email brought their letter of acceptance for “Avoid Seeing a Mouse.”  From here things are supposed to move fast, with a copy with editorial revisions to get back to me in less than two months (I e-replied asking “please edit me gently” —  a kind of inside joke with Stan) in hopes for a Fall 2012 publishing date.  And why should one avoid seeing a mouse (not to mention what in the world it could have to do with the year 2000)?

Hopefully one can find out by reading ZOMBIE JESUS AND OTHER TRUE STORIES in just a few months.


  1. Congrats on the sale, Jim! I’m not too keen on that approach to alternate history, as REAL history (especially regarding religiion) was hellacious enough for me. But to each, their own zombie story or whatever.

  2. Actually, with the Mayan Calendar version of Y2K in the offing, maybe this story will be true after all. . . .

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