Vamps in England: Vampire vs. Werewolf Blog Published by Naomi Clark

The word came here around mid-afternoon, though I, being out at the time, was not to read it till later this evening.  Something to do with time zones, perhaps.  Be that as it may, British author Naomi Clark’s blog, to publicize her own upcoming werewolf romance novella, has been running a series of opinions by outside writers on “which do you like best, werewolves or vampires?” (cf. April 27).  And today was my turn!

An unabashed vampire fan and writer/poet of VAMPS (A RETROSPECTIVE) which is, after all, about vampires, one might guess which side my sympathies lie on.  But is there really that much difference?  (That is not counting, as an earlier respondent has pointed out, the problem with werewolves and fleas!)  And how much of my statement will be a bald-faced crib from my HWA essay, “Vamps:  The Beginning,” from earlier this year reprinted as well under “Poetry (Essays)” under “PAGES” on the far right?  And, as far as that goes, is it true I confess to occasionally writing were-being stories and poems myself?

For answers to all these queries and more, see Naomi’s site by clicking right here.


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