Torn Realities, Dreams of Duality on Track for WHC?

Ah, the administrative part of writing.  Today I signed the contract for “The Calm” from Post Mortem Press, to appear in the Lovecraft-inspired anthology TORN REALITIES (see Jan. 26, 21), with a note to try to get things back to the publisher as soon as possible.  Thus the contract will be in the mail the first thing in the morning.  If all goes well, publisher Eric Beebe hopes to have the book out in time for World Horror Convention, in Salt Lake City March 29 through April 1.  In addition there’s been a change in the cover picture with the new one something truly spectacular — although, alas, on a file too big for the cave computer to reproduce here (a funny story, the internet portion of the old cave computer complex just got replaced within the last week, but the new unit is still uncomfortable with illustration files over about 1 megabyte), but hopefully readers who get to WHC will have a chance to see it there!  And, if you buy TORN REALITIES and like my story and want to read some others like it, look for me at WHC as well with copies of  my not-necessarily-Lovecraftian STRANGE MISTRESSES where “The Calm” appeared some years before, along with DARKER LOVES and VAMPS and maybe a few other things as well.

Then less than two hours later a final proof copy of DREAMS OF DUALITY (see Mar. 8, et al., with its new cover illo already announced — the old “cat” picture, incidentally, has been moved inside where, at least on the proof, it now illustrates Marge Simon’s story “A Matter of Conscience”) arrived with another request to check it at top speed.  My story is “Jessie” and, if editor Mark Crittenden has his way, it may be out in time to read at World Horror Convention too.


  1. I am indeed flattered & pleased that the cat will go with my “A Matter of Conscience” in Mark’s collection.
    I wrote it some years ago, sent it to MZB’s magazine and was told that it had poison mentioned in it and thus was unacceptable. (???) So I was forlorn. But I guess I didn’t try it anywhere else until last year. Back then it was so much work to send stuff off in the mail. And I’m lazy as a cat about that.

    Happy to be a part of this collection! See you soon, Jim

  2. Allie Marini Batts

    I look forward to reading your story– mine will be in there too! Best of luck in all your endeavors!

    • Hi Allie, welcome aboard! It looks like TORN REALITIES is still on track for April 10 (late for World Horror, but still not too long to wait) and I’ll look forward to seeing your story!

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