Cthulhu Madness; SNM Horror’s December Doomsday

Popcorn Press, the people who brought us HALLOWEEN HAIKU (cf. Nov. 22), are doing it again.  The call is now out for poetry — especially short forms like haiku, senryu, tanka, lunes, Korean sijo, but also formal poems like sonnets, etc. — as well as flash fiction of up to 1000 words for CTHULHU HAIKU & OTHER MYTHOS MADNESS.  The rest, at least in terms of subject, is probably self-explanatory.  Guidelines  can be found here, with no deadline or publication date set as yet but, in editor Lester Smith’s words, “early submissions will have a slight edge over later ones.”  So I’m getting mine ready. . . .

Also it seems I’ve had more work accepted by SNM HORROR MAGAZINE (see Oct. 31, Oct. 27), this time for their “December Doomsday” issue for tales of an apocalyptic bent.  The end of the world.  Of civilization as we know it.  That sort of thing, you know.  Mine, “Fog” (originally published as “The Fog” in the October 2005 debut issue of the Canadian ezine DARK RECESSES), takes the environmental route in a dank, science-fictiony sort of way.  No word yet, however, as to whether it’s won a prize.


  1. Thought you might like my Cthulhu tribute machinima film
    The Highlander; Cthulhu Enigma

  2. This was fun, and nice artwork too — thanks! I especially liked the image of the well, an icon I’ve used myself in a couple of stories.

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