Vamps, Vampire Poetry from Sam’s Dot Publishing

In another quick note to round out June, yesterday brought long awaited proof sheets for my upcoming book of vampiric poetry, VAMPS (A RETROSPECTIVE).  According to Sam’s Dot Publishing’s Tyree Campbell, the book will be listed for July although actual physical publication will probably be toward the end of the month.

For more information about VAMPS (A RETROSPECTIVE) cf., below, Feb. 28 and 11.

  1. That’s great! I met Tyree at Archon three years ago. I had a drabble published with them. He talked to me for a while about short stories and gave me one of his collections. Is he your editor?

  2. Hi Christine. When I pitched the idea for VAMPS and got Tyree’s okay it was pretty much a do-it-myself project from this end in that I selected the poems and their order by myself (the order then changed slightly for design considerations to be sure, e.g. two short poems being combined on a page to save space) plus a few other items so, to that extent, it might be called self-edited. Tyree however, in that his is the final go-ahead (that is, after I’ve sent back any proof corrections), is the final editor. Also I contacted Marge Simon, a friend from way back, about illustrations on my own which might be a little unusual, but I knew she’d worked quite a bit with Sam’s Dot before. In that I’d had work in previous Sam’s Dot publications myself, Tyree may have felt he could give me a freer hand than he might give more of a newcomer, however. As for editors in general, my STRANGE MISTRESSES/DARKER LOVES collections were edited/published by Joe Morey at Dark Regions Press and I’ve other things pending with other editors as well.

    All that said, Sam’s Dot publishes a variety of magazines and anthologies and, if you have stories or poems that would fit in with one of their titles, they put out a pretty good product and are worth considering (SCIFAIKUEST, that I just placed a haiku with the other day, is one of their publications, for instance).

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